The PRENATAL BONDING (BA) CURRICULUM educates participants in a completely unique method of supporting pregnant women through the second half of their pregnancy and into childbirth. This Curriculum is based on the principles of pre- and perinatal psychology and medicine, general knowledge of psychoanalysis, group analysis and systemic family therapy. Significant amounts of information and personal growth are acquired through ENRICHED BIOGRAPHICAL WORK© in addition to the method of PRENATAL BONDING (BA). To date, over 10.000 facilitations of Prenatal Bonding (BA) have been successfully applied world-wide. The extraordinary results of Prenatal Bonding (BA) have been proven by exhaustive clinical research in about 500 cases, published by Anne Goertz-Schroth, Gerhard Schroth, MD, Raylene Phillips, MD in JOPPPAH Spring 2023.

What to expect:
The educational content will include the definition, history, research, theory, practice, limitations, ethical conduct and application, outcomes of PRENATAL BONDING (BA) and demonstration of facilitation in detailed case studies. Participants will experience group regression to personal prenatal experiences and present their Early Biography (EBW©) in a safe environment to deepen their understanding of the facilitation process as future facilitators. The group process also includes and invites the participant's significant personal and professional knowledge and wisdom about all aspects of early childhood experiences. Each participant is expected to facilitate at least two practical administrations of the PB(BA) method, personally guided and supervised by Gerhard Schroth and Anne Goertz-Schroth (co-leader). The training group will also help to consolidate these first experiences through peer review and support of each facilitation.

When to start own facilitation:
The foundation of the Curriculum will be centred on the in-person experience of self-awareness (EBW©) and biographical assessment techniques of pregnant women and significant others. Facilitation techniques for 'baby sessions' and case studies complete the understanding of the method. Participants will be encouraged to begin their own practice with pregnant women before end of 2024, supported by self-reflective supervision (via ZOOM) from Anne and Gerhard Schroth. Subsequent ZOOM webinars will cover specialized facilitation techniques and focus on peer group supervision of participants' own cases, as an important part of gaining competence and mastering understanding of principles. This experience allows participants to be present in their work with the mother and the unborn.

Value of reflective processing with this work:
The group process of self-reflective supervision/peer review allows participants to learn from each other in the sense of Michael Balint's work dealing with the personal aspects of interactional experiences with pregnant women. In this manner we will have a continuum from theory to practice within the training sections over a period of approximately 18 months. Handouts will be provided for the theoretical topics presented. A process of personal awareness and reflection is inevitable during the educational experience. PRENATAL BONDING (BA) offers participants a significant capacity for personal growth.

Requirements for PB(BA) Facilitator Certification:
The Training Curriculum requires the completion of all workshops. A minimum of 2 PRENATAL BONDING (BA) facilitations will be conducted with personal guidance/supervision and group supervision in the training group. The documentation for these cases will be about 15 pages in total, including the biographical background of the pregnant women, the facilitation process and the outcomes for mother and baby. Satisfaction of these requirements will lead to certification in March 2026 for independent application of Prenatal Bonding (BA), administered by Dr. Gerhard Schroth, Director of the APV.

Dates: 2024 September 5 through 9 and 2025 April 9 through 13 - Each 4 1/2-day block will be conducted in person in Gleisweiler (near Frankfurt/Germany). In addition, 12 individual training days via ZOOM webinars on Sundays at intervals of six weeks (excluding holiday months). - Ongoing support in peer-groups/supervision is advised.

Payment plan:
The total tuition fee for the PRENATAL BONDING (BA) CURRICULUM is ? 4900. The PB(BA) Curriculum tuition includes 150 units of 45 minutes each, a total of 6 sessions of personal self-reflective supervision during the first two facilitations of up to 45 minutes each, including the training facility in Germany, break refreshments and handouts. Not included: Travel, lodging, food, and personal expenses, which are much lower in Germany, than in the USA, while attending the personal training in Gleisweiler.

How to register for the PRENATAL BONDING (BA) CURRICULUM:
Contact A registration deposit of ?50 (non-refundable) is required no later than February 28, 2024 to reserve your space in the training. This also covers a personal consultation with Anne and Gerhard Schroth before the training (preferably after registration). Payment for the training is due in two instalments (each 2450.- ?) both latest by March 30, 2024, and March 30, 2025 via bank account. An Early Bird rate, deducting 300.- ?, will be offered until November 2nd, 2023.

The unique PRENATAL BONDING (BA) CURRICULUM, especially the self-awareness training and personal reflective work through Enriched Biographical Work (EBW©) requires your attendance at all scheduled workshops as an essential condition. The quality of the training depends on the presence of all members. This unique 'safe container' format is an analogy to a safe womb experience. The profound experience of early bonding, experienced by the participants themselves, creates an ideal preparation for the future facilitation of the pregnant woman and the baby within.

Disclaimer of liability
The content and use of the PRENATAL BONDING (BA) CURRICULUM is for educational purposes only. The method of Jenoe Raffai does not offer medical advice, legal advice, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or treatment of any kind. Prenatal Bonding (BA) is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a medical professional.

Before registering for the training and paying the deposit, please read carefully, double check and agree to the content as described above regarding the terms and conditions of this training program.

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